York Pennsylvania

The City, County, and the Area  

bulletStopping Wal-Mart in Windsor Township
bulletCitizens for Responsible Development (CFRD)
bulletWal-Mart opponents take action A Windsor Township group distributed fliers to rally support against the retailer (York Daily Record 3/23/2004)
bulletCitizens take on Wal-Mart (York Daily Record 3/19/2004)
bulletWhat is Wal-Mart doing to county? (York Daily Record 3/18/2004)
bulletAnti Wal-Mart Sites
bulletA Brief History of Wal-Mart and Disability Discrimination
bulletAgainst the Wal
bulletEight Ways to Beat Wal-Mart
bulletWal-Mart Watch
bulletSprawl-Busters - An International Clearinghouse on Big Box Anti-Sprawl Information
bulletWal-Mart Day of Action
bulletWal-Mart's War on Workers
bulletWal-Mart The Facts
bulletFish Abuse by Walmart
bulletWal-Mart Class Action Site
bulletArticles About Wal-Mart
bulletAnalyzing the "Sins" of Wal-Mart-At a California conference, a diverse crowd, from academics to union workers, explored the growing backlash against the giant
bulletBoycott Wal-Mart - Why you should wipe that smiling yellow face off your shopping list  (Indyweek)
bulletCHANGING THE GAME: Toy makers rethink deals after Wal-Mart kills smaller chains (Detroit Free Press)
bulletDon't Blame Wal-Mart for the Wal-Mart Economy
Low wages, the trade deficit, the collapse of U.S. manufacturing—the business press says Wal-Mart's responsible. Actually, you are.
bulletThe Evil That is Wal-Mart
bulletIs Wal-Mart Too Powerful? - Low prices are great. But Wal-Mart's dominance creates problems -- for suppliers, workers, communities, and even American culture (BusinessWeek October 6, 2003)
bulletLet's talk about why I hate Wal-Mart
bulletHating Wal-Mart (National Review)
bulletHow Wal-Mart is Remaking our World
bulletHow big can it grow? (The Economist)

Impact of WalMart On Downtowns (Eastern Michigan University)

bulletOne Nation Under Wal-Mart (Fortune April 2004)
bulletPharmacies At The Center  Of The Abortion Debate (Asheville Tribuine)
bulletStore Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town (PBS)
bulletResources Links
bulletThe Games Wal-Mart Doesn't Play (Wired)
bulletThe Two Faces of Wal-Mart - Loved for its low prices, the retail behemoth could become the object of scorn, thanks to a growing list labor-relations woes (BusinessWeek January 28, 2004))
bulletThe Wal-Mart You Don't Know (Fast Company December 2003)
bulletWal-Mart asserts itself (Oligopoly Watch)
bulletWal-Mart Wars
bulletWal-Mart Myths and Reality
bulletWal-Mart Blues
bulletWal-Mart Collapses U.S. Cities and Towns 
bulletWal-Mart's Social and Economic Impact - Four-Part Series Examines Influence of Largest U.S. Employer (National Public Radio)
bulletWal-Mart's Labor Abuses and Hidden Costs
bulletWal-Mart nation: the race to the bottom (Seattle Times)
bulletWal-Mart vs. America's Middle Class
bulletUSA: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town
bulletForeign Press Articles
bullet La puissance de Wal-Mart commence à effrayer l'Amérique (la Monde)
bulletThe WART- MALL Infection (UK)
bulletPlaces Fighting Wal-Mart
bulletMI: Charlevoix
bulletAZ: Flagstaff
bulletWA: Gig Harbor
bulletAbout the Wal-Mart Company
bulletWal-Mart Store (Official Web site)
bulletWal-Mart facts (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)





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