York Pennsylvania

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Team Names


Greater York Area Business and Reference Directory


Team Names that local companies would like to see:

Name  Mascot
the York Barbells barbells that look like baseballs
the York BonTons a baseball with a gift bow on it
the York Caterpillars a caterpillar with treads
the York Caskets you guessed it
the York Containers a baseball made out of cardboard
the York Country Day a school book
the York Dentures a baseball player with a great smile
the York Dispatch a bat made up of a rolled up newspaper
the York Electros A baseball head with wires and gizmos
the York Excavators a steam shovel
the York Expos a racing pig
the York Galleria a 40% off sign
the York HVACs a head shaped like an AC unit wearing a baseball cap
the York Hydros a turbine wheel head
the York Labels a baseball with a UPC code
the York Roasters a baseball player with a Starbucks patch swining at a thrown coffee cup
the York Rutters a cow dressed in a baseball uniform
the York Shipleys a gas pump
the York Strand-Capitols  
the York Wallpaperers a bat shaped like a double roll
if we were doing this a while ago  
the York Bank a $ sign using two baseball bats
the York Federals see above
the York AllFirsts see above

Neat Names: (You have to live here!)

Name Mascot
the York Youse  
the York Awhile A waitress saying would you like to order awhile
the York Havens  
the York Springs  
the York Anas  
the York Reddups  
the York Shires  
the York Lyns  
the York New Salems a cigarette for a bat?
the York Seven Valleys  
the York Porkers a racing pig
the York Ploughs a baseball player with a tavern for its head
the York Pullmans a 6-wheel car
the York Thanksgivings a turkey
the York Plan  
the York Tours baseball player holding a  map
the York Murals a baseball player with a painted mural on his back

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